How to order?

1. How to order?

Email us your order at

And please give us the actual data of your :

+mobile number

+contact number

+e-mail address

+delivery address

(This information is very important for us to be able to contact you regarding your order)

2. Size?




3. Cup?
Curly Cup

Round Cup

 4. Flavour?

+Plain Butter

+Plain Chocolate

+Marble (Butter+Chocolate)

+Butter with Blueberry fillings

+Butter with Crushed Almond fillings

+Butter/Chocolate with melt Chocolate fillings

5. Design?

We have ready-made design, you can choose from our Cupcake Designs but please be informed that we will try our best to make your order basis according to your custom design request.

*For birthday design, we include candles only if you request in your order, additional cost will be added.

*Please include the design code in your order.

*Please be informed that colours might vary & the design for each cupcake might be slightly different each time.

6. Price?

Adam's Design




*A dozen = 12 pcs

*Additional charges for special requested custom design if additional decorations/ingredients (choc chip, gummy bears, M&M's etc) needed, but please be informed that designs are limited.

*Additional cost will be charged for difficult drawing.

7. Delivery?

We deliver cupcakes around Klang and Shah Alam but other destination can be negotiates.

*There will be an additional delivery charge.

Minimum order for delivery -A dozen of Large size cupcakes

Minimum order for pick up - A dozen of any size cupcake

8. Payment?

After you have confirmed your order with us, we'll give our account number and you can do the payment via Maybank.

Note that, the delivery of cupcakes will only be proceed after we got the transaction piece of the payment.

You can scan the transaction paper as a proof or you can also take a photo of it clearly.

Mail us the transaction proof after you've done.